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OH so happy to be in my VLCDs

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My body feel expanded in places I did not know I could expand. Loaded beautifully with all my favorite foods. This is my first round in a year - thinking this might just be an annual thing. Time to push the restart button.

Grilled up some beautiful chicken tenders for my salad today, I marinated the raw chicken in lemon juice, tumeric, garlic and some cayenne pepper - delish. Breakfast will be 7 cut up strawberries and Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green tea, dinner will likely be chicken and sauteed, chopped cabbage.

Normally I work out 6 days a week, but during my rounds, I only workout Sat: yoga, Sun: hike with the dog. HCG feels like a vacation - an entire hour is added to my days when I don't work out! I plan to use that extra hour to pamper myself: go to the beach, take a long bath, maybe take a painting class. What I WON'T do is become a hermit, sit around and think about the things I can't eat. I did that my first few rounds and HCG felt like a prison sentence. Poppycock!! HCG rocks!! I can still have fun! Yes, I will be COLD, there will be some hunger...but I know what to expect, I've got some great tools and recipes - it's time to party

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  1. sdwis's Avatar

    I felt the same way when starting a new round. The opportunity for a food and "life stress" break, and most of all a chance to press RESET!!!