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hmm so a blog...never have done this but might as well!

Today is R1P2D4...I am down 10.8 pounds which is just amazing to me. I know the losses will slow down and I am expecting that. I have spent a lot of money to do this so I am hoping between knowing that and seeing the losses that will keep me going. I currently have 21 pounds left to lose. Not a lot compared to other people. My problem is keeping it off. I have to learn how to fix that problem, I have to get it through my head I can not go back to my SAD diet after I lose or EVER! Sugar and carbs does not agree with me and I lose control when I eat them. I am going through the series Made to Crave with a friend and hoping that will be a total eye opener for me. I am really good at stuffing my feelings and emotions with food, and I comfort myself with food. Life is a journey!

VLCD4 141.0

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Regarding the losses-- when the time comes and the losses slow down-- and they will... keep in mind that your body will be losing inches too. So remember to measure.
    I too have had issues with stabilizing... because of a sugar/carb addiction. I am not one of those people who can take a bite or small amount and be good. I take that small bite with the intentions of saying -- ok that's it... but somehow I go crazy.. and once I do that, I just figure why not enjoy myself-- I already ruined today anyway.. problem is.. I keep going.
    My last round, I didn't do that during P3/4... I found great alternatives that worked for me. I felt like I could enjoy and I didn't gain. I make a "sugarfree" cheesecake.. I make it with xylitol. And OMG it's delicious!! My hubs and 3 sons love it. I have to make 2 cheesecakes a week.
    Just stay connected with us here in the forum == even during P3/4, and you'll do fine.... I'm looking forward to reading your posts/blogs. Good luck!