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ok so it seems strange but i am actually looking forward to eating a lower calorie healtier diet tomorrow. Im getting a little nervous about the big step from gorging to 500 cal but im kinda sick of food right now.

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  1. twinlike's Avatar
    Hey ! It really works. I couldn't hardly wait till I could start the 500 calorie diet. I ate so much I hurt. But the third day I was all smiles. I had gained 2 lbs but by the fourth day I had lost the 2 lbs plus 3 more. I was literally starving the third day. I take the spray HCG, and should have sprayed 2 or 3 times more to curb appetite, but didn't. By the 4th day the hunger subsided. And I had about a lb. a day loss, except for the 2 days I cheated. I haven't done that since. Now I am on my 3rd phase, 1st 3 weeks and maintaining no more than a 2 lb. gain. It goes up and down in that range. So keep up the work, and look forward to the the diminishing figure.