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HCG2SaveMe is an apt username don't you think !

Describe myself or my journey? Hmmmmm

Without going into too much detail, three years ago I doubled my natural body weight in seven months! My doctor rushed me to hospital, I was pricked and prodded and tested by every specialist as people just don't double their body weight in such a short period of time! Was a crazy time!

It seemed I had a very rare insulin condition that only two cases are known of in my country. I still have the condition but refuse any more tests and will not take drugs of any kind!

After months and months of dietician appointments and nutritionist appointments I gave up! Every time I ate solids no matter what they were I gained weight! More weight! I thought it was Karma getting me back for all my years of thinking obese people really need not be so darn fat! Now it was my turn to be fat, obese and most unattractive.

I went on a liquid diet, the liquid diet worked wonders and I lost almost 80lbs! BUT I could not eat solids again, do you know how hard that is! Crazy, mad, nutzoh hard!

Eventually I went back to eating solids (as ya would) and faster than a bullet that weight went back on ! I said sorry to the powers that be and asked for help! (no I'm not religious)

So here I am, now on an HCG journey and able to eat solid food and still lose weight, it's a good thing.

I'm not losing as fast as some others on HCG but I'm doing okay and I'm happy to cruise along until the weight is all gone for good!

So far as I type this I'm down 27lbs since January 19th.

I have a very very special event to attend in September this year so I must be looking totally gorgeous by then !

That's me and my wee story

  1. Now that I've found this blog

    by , February 23rd, 2012 at 08:35 PM (HCG2SaveMe is an apt username don't you think !)
    I must use it often. Great idea me thinks.