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I am still at 127.0lbs........I am so annoyed! I am so glad that tomorrow this will be over. I was so hopeful that I would see the scale go down, but it didn't. I decided to go gym again, so I worked out for about 60mins, and then did some weights. I felt so nauseous after though, but I did force myself to eat tonight.

Heres a run through of what i usually eat:
3.5oz of grilled chicken, with salt, pepper and herbs (all fat is removed) with some lettuce.
2 pink lady apples
3.5oz of white fish with garlic and seasoning, with lettuce.
2 tbspn of apple cider vinegar
2 litres of water
2 cups of tea (with a splash of milk)

I have been having the above reguarly and i don't understand why I am finding it so difficult to lose. Anyway I am just happy that I can eat mushrooms again after tomorrow, and also i can have a mixed salad

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  1. Ladibeautiful's Avatar
    LOL, I wish i could see the numbers 127! I'm sure you will see a drop. Great Job!
  2. firebat89's Avatar
    The milk might be causing a problem as its not on protocol. Also you shouldn't be working out while on 500cal a day as its counter productive. Only up to an hour of light walking is recommended on this diet.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards.
  3. tnsweetness's Avatar
    I agree about the milk. You may want to take out one or both of the apples. They have natural sugar and last year when I was losing slowly, I removed them and did better.