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Nearly there

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I am on day 29 of my VLCD. I have decided to only do 30 days as I am beginning to feel disheartened. I have only lost 17ish lbs since doing this diet. whilst logic tells me this is a staggering amount in short amount of time, I was hoping to lose something in the region of 22-25lbs. I have decided to stop now, rather than risk myself cheating later on. On this diet I have never cheated and followed the protocol exactly, even omitting my creams and make-up. But today I woke up, and for the first ever time I saw that I had gained 0.2lbs. Whist I know that this gain is tiny, I cannot help to feel demotivated. As the weeks have progressed I have noticed that my weight is harder to shift. I still have the three extra VLCD that I have to do, and I will be over the moon if I get below 126lbs by the end.......lets see what the last few days hold.

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  1. Cpow's Avatar
    From what I have understood, those who need to loose LOTS of weight will loose more than those who have relatively little to loose. Don't be disheartened - you just don't have much to loose!
  2. hsm's Avatar
    hey nearly there - I did the same thing as you did - and wanted to stop - I actually had 2 gains - and never cheated - not even once! it was soo hard - it ruined my whole day! both times! I will say it usually came off the next day - plus some. I did eventually lose close to what I wanted - I did 39 days.....soo glad that I did ...in those last days I lost 4 of those pounds. So far P3 has been good - good luck!!!
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    You did incredibly well. You didn't have that much to lose so your rate of loss will be slower. Congratulations!
  4. HCG_Junkie's Avatar
    Thanks....its so great to have encouragement from other people, and to hear I am not the only one who has had gains without cheating.