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Slow Progress

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I'm really disappointed. I weighed in today at 127.0lbs, thats only a 0.4lb loss in 4 days. I even went to the gym yesterday, worked out hard AND I did an apple day. Looks like my body does not want me to get under the 126lb mark. Only 48 more hours of the VLCD phase to go, I hope I see a good result on the scale tomorrow

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    Hang in there! I heard that after a workout, the muscles grab hold of some water so it could be water retention too. It is hard to go past the weight that your body has been at for a while. I have the same experience. Once I hit that 125 mark, its so hard to continue losing weight. But, you eventually will! I would definitely amp up the protein intake because of your workouts and it will surely help with any water retention. I would forget about apple days. All I see is sugar sugar sugar. Protein is the best route to go! && no worries if you don't make your goal this round. You can lose those last pounds on p3 with some tweaks since you do not have a lot to lose! Wishing you the best!
  2. HCG_Junkie's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. I dont think I am going to lose anymore weight on this, tomorrow is my last day. I will just have to lose it the conventional way lol