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P2D8 - Recipes updated

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Hi all,
today is day 8 of my HCG journey. Scales showed another 600g loss today so super happy about that! 5.7KG down in one week. Happy dance... Only 37 odd KG's to go
I've updated my blog today with a couple of recipes if your interested -

Strawberry and Chocolate Slushy

Chilli Beef and Tomato

Until tomorrow and another weigh in... See you then

Cheers Sam

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  1. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Hi hcganme!

    Your recipes look good...well as good as can be on phase 2 lol.
    I am just wondering if you can use canned tomato in the chili? I did find canned tomato with no added sugar.

    Congratulations on your losses! I am just starting. Today is R1 P2 D3.....am I saying that right? Round 1, Day 1, in Phase 2.
  2. hcganme's Avatar
    hey mewhoshops , nice name by the way
    Thanks for checking out my blog and my recipes it's much appreciated... With regards to canned tomato I guess you probably could if that was the only ingredient listed other than maybe salt? Think if there was preservatives or anything else added then no go if you are 100% protocol? I reckon if you did use canned tomatos then also cooking time would be cut down probably quite a lot. This recipe honestly keeps me going during HCG!
    Thank you re losses, I'm happy but so impatient just want 10kg to be gone today!! haha not going to happen but will if I just stick to this for another 29 odd days
    Your saying it perfectly, takes while to get used to the lingo aye, how much do you have to loose?