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Frustrated. Me against ME

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So..I've had binge eating problems for years now and it's so hard to break the habit. It's so weird. Anxiety overcomes me or something (usually with work or outside influences) and my mind races and I block out everything bad that might result from eating and then I overeat..Problem with THIS is I'm on HCG and I need to stop!! I'm extra down on myself today because I just gained 3.2 this morning from messing up yesterday. Pretty depressed because I don't know if I can succeed I guess. What have other people done when they feel discouraged? Any other people out there struggling with bingeing? Iget so excited when I lose so quickly but then my slip ups cancel out all my good work. Yeah I'm binging less than before I started hcg thank god, but since hcg is in my system when i do have a food slip up my weight jumps up like it never has, so of course binges are less frequent which is great but cancel out so many good days.

okay embarrassing status: I started my VLCD (usually eating over 500 cals/but still working out and personal training and losing 1.5-3 lbs/day) on March 11th. Ultimately, I'm starting day 13, and from my starting weight after my Load, I'm down 1.7 lbs. HOW EMBARRASSING....Do I keep going, start over, what do I do!!?!? I need to do this for me. I know if I quit I'm going to feel so down I'll go back to binging every day....I'm 5'10" ish maybe a little taller and at 157.3 lbs, my goal is 135 and I know this is low for my height but I'd like to be somewhere around there as I have been before and loved it. I'm on an HCG that allows you to go

SUGGESTIONS??? THOUGHTS???? I'm so embarassed!!! I need to stop letting food control me...I need to look at it differently...My cravings and urges are sometimes so hard to fight. Soul searching time...

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  1. Carmelinagunn's Avatar
    I think it's so brave of you to be open and willing/wanting so badly to change! Seriously, you are strong just because of that, so remember that.

    I haven't really had a problem with binging before, but before hcg I could not say no to my cravings when they hit. I'm not a chocolate girl, at all, so it was never something a cholocate bar or piece of fudge could fix. I'd crave burritos and pizza and PASTA and whole meals that I just felt like I couldn't say no to. The first week on the VLCD was very hard for me, because my body still wanted these things, still craved them. I stayed focused on the drop I'd see on the scale the next day if I said "no". And that's how I kept going. I seriously took time to consider how I would feel the next day if I stuck to protocol or if I cheated. After being good for about a week, my body stopped craving anything besides what I was giving it, basically. I think you just have to try so hard to get through a solid week or so to retrain your body to want good things, instead of a bunch of bad things.

    We are all so different, and our triggers are really different, so it's a hard call to give specific advice. I think the best thing to do for anyone is to use the tools you have. Use these forums... always come here when you are feeling discouraged or even encouraged. It's the best support system. Can you set up an accountaibility buddy in real life? Someone you can call or hang out with when you feel the binge urge coming on? The days that you lose prove that you CAN do this diet. Take it one day, or one minute at a time if you can.
  2. hcgchigirl's Avatar
    Thank you sooo much. You're right-- I stop cravin those foods when I dont eat them for a while (I'm a huge ice-cream/cupcake girl)!! I just need to prolong that time so the cravings end completely. Your kind words help me so much-- people on this site give me the encouragement I need to keep going and leave the past in the past. Stay strong and I'm always here for you as well!!

    *Everybody falls at some point in their lives. The difference lies in whether or not they choose to get back up again.*
  3. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    Stop beating yourself up, that only hurts you. Have you been able to recognize (when you are stressed)? I started writing down my triggers/stresses. At least then I will not be surprised when they appear.
    To be honest most of my stresses are related to one or two categories.
    Stick close to this forum or watch hcg journeys on youtube. Food is not a friend or enemy.
  4. Carmelinagunn's Avatar
    Ice cream used to be my kryptonite, too! I totally understand and relate.

    One of the things I always remind myself is that this is a journey, and journey's aren't always easy. And it's not always a quick fix. It's a whole lifestyle change! I love the quote you added, it's so darn true.

    And thanks, I still need support every single day, even the successful ones
  5. hcgchigirl's Avatar
    Thanks ladies!!!! You are all the best. Starting new feels good. Here's another quote I found and love:

    If we open a quarrel between past and present,we shall find that we have lost the future.