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My thoughts and vlogs--

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Hi all!!

So here are some of my thoughts recently. Actually lessons ive learned from listening to these amazing podcasts!!!!!!

***Just for today. TELL YOURSELF, "JUST for today." You cant do anything about yesterday, and you cant do anything about tomorrow yet, so just concentrate on TODAY! It's all you can do! And the present moment is ALL we have. RIGHT now!

I want to free myself from all those people who have had such control over me these past 6 or 7 months. I ate because I hated myself. I became out of control. Now if I imagine going to buy binge food or eating for no reason, I think, No---I will NOT let *** control me anymore!!!!! How liberating---

I want to be that INNER core of myself--We all still have this inner core, which I explain is our idea of our "perfect selves" or ideals (not perfect in the "barbie" type of way or reflection of the media type of way. i mean "perfect" or ideal in the way that we all want to be something, but sometimes it feels too far away. Well this ideal core of our beings is that PERSON we have always wanted to be--it is WITHIN us, we just have to peal back the layers that have distanced ourselves from that core. I aim to be PATIENT, CARING, HONEST, A daughter of GOD, and HAPPY with MYSELF. I want to love myself so I can love others! I have this image of my ideal core deep inside of me, of that person I keep saying, "I wish I could be her, I wish I could be that type of person...." But I CAN----and I AM her, deep down. I just have to peel back those layers that are distancing me. And what's so great about that is if I peel back those layers that have distanced myself from, myself, (HA)...I will become that person I've always wanted to be!!!! We have played such mind games with ourselves. We need to start believing (or I do anyways), that this......is..........possible. (And it really is hard to believe!)

Last but not least--I heard this today:
"If you TRY this diet, you're going to fail. You just have to DO it. FOLLOW it. And you will succeed."

Love to all!!!!

Here is my vlog youtube channel::

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