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  1. January Site Upgrades

    Hello Everyone,

    We are in the process of going live with an all new website and I wanted to give everyone a heads up in case there are any tech difficulties. The upgrade will be in progress over the next several days. I believe we are prepared for everything, but we will be actively monitoring the site 24/7 to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    I am excited about these changes and I hope you will be too! We have thousands of articles and resources- most will be ...
  2. Spam Attacks

    My apologies for all the spam that has showed up on the forums this morning. It seems we had a bit of a spam-attack because a member posted a list of links to pharmacies. Spam-bots search for these and well.... you see what happens. We will be spending the remainder of the day deleting and cleaning up over 10,000 spam posts.

    As a reminder... it is against forum TOS to post links to pharmacies. We have been extremely lenient with giving infractions and bans for this in the past, ...
  3. Clarifying Forum Subjects on Buying HCG

    I wanted to clarify a few things based on some confusing information I noticed in the forums this week.

    Mainly, I wanted to address some assumptions that were made about why HDI recommends Nu Image, Diet Doc, Rejuvi and Triumph Hcg instead of other (cheaper) options. You see, I have received THOUSANDS of requests from HCG suppliers to be on this site, yet I have only selected these few. This is because I truly believe they are the absolute best and safest option on the market (and ...

    Updated November 15th, 2017 at 12:34 PM by DrJenn

  4. Hdi is updating.

    Hello HDI Members,

    We are currently undergoing a significant update across the site, including the HCG Diet Info Forums. We apologize for any glitches that may occur through this process and we appreciate your patience. We promise, it will be worth it!

    - All new HCG Diet Info website coming your way!
    - Improved spam controls
    - New search box and extensive forum features to come!

    Feature requests may be sent to: hdihealth (@) gmail .com.

    Updated January 12th, 2016 at 11:23 PM by hcgdietinfo