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Clarifying Forum Subjects on Buying HCG

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I wanted to clarify a few things based on some confusing information I noticed in the forums this week.

Mainly, I wanted to address some assumptions that were made about why HDI recommends Nu Image, Diet Doc, Rejuvi and Triumph Hcg instead of other (cheaper) options. You see, I have received THOUSANDS of requests from HCG suppliers to be on this site, yet I have only selected these few. This is because I truly believe they are the absolute best and safest option on the market (and this was the first HCG site on the web so believe me, I have seen and know them ALL!)

Contrary to what was said, I ONLY recommend companies I personally believe in and believe me when I say, my intentions are not money-driven. In fact, for nearly a decade, my list didn't contain a single affiliate link and only when the expense and time of running this site and forums became so extensive, did I add the links.

Running large forums such as these, are expensive to run and maintain, and we support these costs through affiliate links. HOWEVER, as a personal policy, I ONLY recommend companies I truly believe in.

Why I suggest these companies:

- They all make their own HCG and they make it here in the U.S. under the strict standards of the FDA. *It is NOT marked up hcg from overseas.* It is also of the highest quality: the FDA requires 90% potency by law. These companies make sure their HCG is at least 95%. Overseas pharmacies are not held to these standards. The potency of your HCG is extremely important and can make or break your efforts!

- Nu Image, Diet Doc, Rejuvi and Triu Drops will work with you to tailor your protocol. They will help you adjust your dosage, food etc and identify hunger causes if any. You have complete support as you go through the diet with them. 500 calories is the norm, although they will tailor this for you as well.

- Pricing. You get what you pay for. This is not a time to go "cheap." This is a medical hormone that you are putting into your body - you want the absolute best quality possible. Going the inexpensive route can be... well, expensive, when you consider having to replace weak-potency HCG, lost HCG shipments, or worse yet, having to restart a round because the HCG wasn't "right," or even worse... unsafe. Above all else, for safety reasons, I really suggest choosing quality and safety over saving a few dollars.

- About Hcg Drops: drops and pellets from these companies use a larger amount of HCG than what is used in injections. This is to make up for what is lost through the digestion process.

- Yes, most of these are affiliate programs. We receive a small amount of money per sale which helps us to support the costly expense of running a very active site with millions of readers, 2 million pages and 100,000 forum members. HOWEVER, as I mentioned, as my personal policy, I ONLY recommend companies I truly believe in. If I were making suggestions strictly based on "making money" believe me, there would be a list of affiliate links a mile long, and from suppliers of all levels of quality. I personally chose these companies based on my very high personal standards for health and safety.

- Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has continued to support these forums by using our links for buying their HCG & supply purchases. I know so many of you have continued to support HDI in that manner and we greatly appreciate it!

I am happy to answer any questions this does not cover. Just send me an email, hdihealth (@) gmail.com.

With gratitude,

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Updated November 15th, 2017 at 12:34 PM by DrJenn