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Spam Attacks

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My apologies for all the spam that has showed up on the forums this morning. It seems we had a bit of a spam-attack because a member posted a list of links to pharmacies. Spam-bots search for these and well.... you see what happens. We will be spending the remainder of the day deleting and cleaning up over 10,000 spam posts.

As a reminder... it is against forum TOS to post links to pharmacies. We have been extremely lenient with giving infractions and bans for this in the past, but I'm afraid this will be increasing if posting pharmacy links, affiliate links, AND marketing posts continue to be abused in these forums.

The reason these links are against our toss is because this absolutely kills our SEO (the pharmacy links AND the spam posts) for months. It also ties up our moderators/webmaster team, and backtracks all the effort we are putting into improving the site. Worst of all, it makes it very difficult for everyone to navigate through the unsolicited posts to find what they need.

Regarding today's spam attack: Grammy and I have deleted thousands of these posts already and hopefully the cleanup process shouldn't take much longer. We appreciate your patience.

HDI Founder

Update: We had hoped to have all of these spam posts cleared up today but it looks as though it may take longer. We are finding thousands more of these posts buried under the threads with pharmacy links, which makes them a little more difficult to find. Again, we appreciate your patience.

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