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Just Talking

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I didnt think i would take to this blogging thing as much as I have. But im not complaining So, ive just been thinking about the many women that i have introduced to HCG and their reluctance to start the diet. A lot of people i work with have noticed my drastic weight loss and i go out of my way to send them all this HCG stuff and then they make up BS excuses. I know that has nothing to do with me but i just think its hilarious. Everyone here is overweight but ***** about wanting to be thin and then dont take the opportunities to lose the weight. I used to be like that up until the last year; i stopped *****ing because i realized i wasnt going to do anything about it...yet. Im officially done promoting HCG to overweight, unhappy, and overworked women. Dieting is something that you have to be mentally prepared for.

Im waiting for my new drops to come in. I have already started with the last of my old drops and will encorporate the new ones as soon as they come in. Im feeling really optimistic about losing the last 18 pounds i want to lose this round. wow 180-130 is crazy. i cant believe im almost there all thanks to HCG. Where have you been all of my life?!

On a side note:
My personal career has come to such a cross roads. I hate being so indecisive because i have no clue what career path i want to take. I was persuing sales for so long but i feel like im being left in the dark by management. Its like no one wants me to suceed. The next choice is HR but having no experience and only a semester of coursework doesnt get me anywhere. Im worth so much more than a temp position making 12 an hour. I went to dinner with two loan officers last night who are both younger than me. They're both making 50 a year with less experience and relevent school than i have. Here i am scrounging to get an interview for ANY job that will give me atleast 30/yr. Should i fight for the loan officer path? or just move on? i have no clue.....

ok well i had to get all of this off of my chest! i feel better and its time to work.


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  1. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    Concur about the trying to help people that don't want to help themselves.... just use your positive energy elsewhere where it is needed/wanted

    As far as the career path... my two cents is that the loan officer path is a good choice because once the economy starts on its upward movement back into the green, the loan areas are going to start flourishing again. I think it will open up more opportunities for you later
    BUT if you stay in sales... just remember that unfortunately alot of coworkers DON'T like to see others do better (i.e. weight loss success, or the confidence someone has after losing) and if your having problems with management or whatever it may just be jealousy or intimidation! Maybe switching COMPANIES to find a better suited environment that encourages growth. It may not be sales, just the particular group of people.
    Just trying to help
    Have a great day
  2. Hcgvixen's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting!

    Yeah i really want to be a loan officer but my company keeps on giving me false promises. In the meantime im struggling to keep up with bills and theres rumors that my job might me up in teh air...a lot of maybes. ive been applying to other places but we will see.

    Hey keep yourself optimistic on your stall. this too shall pass <3