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R2 p2 vlcd 11

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Well, up .4 lb. this a.m. It's really not going as well as I'd hoped. Since I couldn't weigh the morning after my second loading day I am guesstimating a 2 lb. gain on that day, making my loading additional weight 6 lbs. That would have started me off at 189.8 lbs. After 10 VLCD days I find myself at 181.2 lbs. That's only a loss of 8.6 lbs. Only 2.6 lbs. lower than when I started loading. Not loving those statistics. My first week should have been better than that. Yesterday was problematic because I had to go to a Rotary dinner, but I certainly didn't overeat! I under ate. By the time I got home, I did not want to eat my second fruit. I may not have had enough water yesterday though.

Apple, tea

1 piece chocolate delite

4 oz. Grilled chicken on bed of lettuce w/ Walden's farm dressing

1 piece chocolate delite

MY grilled chicken (brought it with me) on bed of greens w/ Walden's farm dressing, tea

1 piece choco delite

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    Your results are wonderful, but we all know what our bodies can do and you sound disappointed.
    In R1 I found out that I had greater losses with a diet of 500-600 calories per day than when I had 350-500 calories. This round (R2) I am losing MUCH faster with 600 calories a day. I increased my calories with bit more protein and veggies. Perhaps you need to experiment with an increase of calories.
    Plus, as a veteran, you know that there are about a million other variables that could be slowing you down i.e. lack of water, sodium, TOM, lack of BM, plateau.
    Best of luck discovering the culprit!
  2. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Thanks Happy, I know I need to be more patient, and you are correct about the higher level of protein/calories. I had started doing that in the middle of my first round, I just couldn't manage it yesterday because of the way the Rotary dinner went. It was a celebration of Mexico with Mexican food and I was afraid to eat even the grilled steak because I don't know how it was prepared. There was no salad, but I asked the waiter to bring me a plate of lettuce! It was funny because people kept walking past me with their plates loaded from the buffet and would say: "OOO salad, I missed that, where did you find it?" Hilarious really. Everybody wants what they can't have!