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R2 P2 VLCD 13 HCG - The Big Picture

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Well, Here's the honest results of my Atkins fat fast day while on hcg.... -.2 lbs. only!
Here's how it went this a.m. I weighed in at 180.2 which was .6 lbs. down only from yesterday. I was disappointed with that and know that usually, I get a different reading from my scale if I run around the house doing a few things and then come back and weigh. (And I'm talking about a time difference of only a few minutes) I did that, came back and weighed and was 180.6! Weighed 2 more times and came back at that number, so I have to accept that as the real #. Positive? At least it was a loss, not a gain. Negative? There's a lot, but before I get into that I'm just gonna tell you that I am going to do the FF again today. Also, I have not had any BM for a couple of days, so this could be a factor.

Now, I'm having a crisis of faith here, so I could use your support. I was at 183.8 the day before I loaded. So, in reality, I have lost only 3.2 lbs. in 13 VLCD days, 2 weeks. Could I have lost that amount on any other diet? Absolutely, and probably more. One of the things I think we forget on hcg is that we pack on load weight to begin. We get excited because we have big losses at first, but that is the load weight coming off, so in terms of any other diet, because you wouldn't load with them, that is really a wash. It is the weight that come off following that, that counts. That's why I'm saying my 3.2 in 2 weeks is no great shakes. Another point is, yes, we may lose 20 lbs. in 30 days, and that sounds very good. But when you factor in the break time, it is really 20 lbs. for 60 days, or 2 months. That is only 10 lbs. per month. That's really equivalent results for an average diet. The only thing I can see right now as an advantage to hcg is that I am not hungry with it and have no bad side effects.

Please someone, tell me something to put a better spin on this overview!

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  1. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hey, Marg! You are absolutely right. When you take into account the P3/P4 days, it really isn't that different than the other mainstream diets. HOWEVER, did those other diets work for you? They didn't for me - I could never get down more than 10 pounds on ANY other diet I tried, most of them multiple times. And I can honestly say that I was hungry all the time and obsessed about food the entire day. I don't know what it is, but I really only think about food at my regular mealtimes now.

    I wish I had a better answer for you. I don't necessarily believe the hype about "resetting the hypothalamus" - all I know is that it seems to be working for me. I'll be curious to see what other answers you get!
  2. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Hey, thanks Lady G. It's a crisis of confidence right now for me, but you are right, I never, ever stabilized after going off any other diet either. The weight just came back. In my 5 week break I actually lost a few more pounds.
    Really, your response helps me. I just need a few shoulders right now. It does make a difference. I'm so grateful.
  3. SBerkeland's Avatar
    HCGWarrior, you are absolutely right. Ultimately, you probably could have lost that weight on another diet - and I have struggled with this same point. There are a few people on here that can't, and this is perfect for them, but many of us could. For me, the silver lining that has kept me going on this diet through my low points is that I can't learn this stuff about myself, about my body, on another diet. The diet takes a lot of us away from whatever unhealthy eating habits we had, and forces to examine them with a microscope. Because if we don't, we gain 4lbs in one day! But when we give our body what it wants, what it truly needs: we see losses, we see stabilization, we see maintenance.
  4. julief's Avatar
    were you losing weight more or perfect protocol than MOP? Think if you went back to protocol you would lose more? I kinda think atkins induction would work better for a first timer who has alot of junk in their systems..Us who eat clean maybe not so much.

    Don't give in we have better and we have worse days