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R2 P2 VLCD 19 - What's Up Lately

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It's been a while, so here's a review of my stats and what I've been doing.
I weigh only once in the mornings, so my weight reflects what i did the day before:
VLCD 16 - 178 - (-.4) Did awalk-a-thon the day before, pretty sore this day. Ate POP (Perfectly On Protocol)
VLCD 17 - 177.6 - (-.4) Still a bit sore, ate POP.
VLCD 18 - 177.4 - (-.2) Expected more than this. Have been eating 3.5 oz. steak for one of my meals for a couple of days because Costco no longer carries the veal scallopini. I don't eat seafood so I really need to break up not just the boredom of just chicken, but I believe the body needs variety. Just like when doing the same exercise routine for months on end, the body adjusts and you stop making progress, I think the body adjusts to an eating regimine and you need to shake it up a bit. That's why Dr. S. says to eat a different protein at lunch and dinner on the same day.
VLCD 19 - 176.8 - (-.6) Did a steak and mug cake day yesterday to try to push things along. I got a .6 release out of it, but was hoping for more. I also started drinking distilled water yesterday. YouTuber calisoutherndiva talks about a friend of hers on hcg who lost 24 lb.s in 2 weeks. She believes it is because she drinks only distilled water. Cali says that since she started drinking it she never has less than a .6 release. That's good enough for me!

Anyway, I am thrilled to be solidly in the 170s. I am now at a weight below what I was about 18 years ago. I only know this because I remember telling the anesthesiologist my weight before my surgery...178. It feels really good. I only wish I could get my husband on board.

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  1. SBerkeland's Avatar
    Hey HCGWarrior! Congrats on the continued weightloss and returning to the 170s!. . .I'm going to have to steal the term POP (perfectly on protocol), I've never heard that before!
  2. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Thanks SB! I have to admit POP isn't my invention. It comes from someone on YT. Just like weighing NOS. (Naked On Scale) LOL!