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  1. R2 P2 VLCD 19 - What's Up Lately

    It's been a while, so here's a review of my stats and what I've been doing.
    I weigh only once in the mornings, so my weight reflects what i did the day before:
    VLCD 16 - 178 - (-.4) Did awalk-a-thon the day before, pretty sore this day. Ate POP (Perfectly On Protocol)
    VLCD 17 - 177.6 - (-.4) Still a bit sore, ate POP.
    VLCD 18 - 177.4 - (-.2) Expected more than this. Have been eating 3.5 oz. steak for one of my meals for a couple of days because Costco no longer carries ...
  2. R2 p2 vlcd 15

    I didn't post the results of my second Fat Fast day. So here goes: I was down .8 lbs yesterday morning. That's decent, but I decided that I would not continue with it, that what works best for me is sticking on protocol, no choco D, no lemon truffles, no fat fast days.

    Woke up this a.m. to a 1.4 lb. release after getting back to normal VLCD yesterday, so I'm very happy. The 2 losses put me firmly in the 170s which also makes me happy.

    Really chill and damp here today ...
  3. R2 P2 VLCD 13 HCG - The Big Picture

    Well, Here's the honest results of my Atkins fat fast day while on hcg.... -.2 lbs. only!
    Here's how it went this a.m. I weighed in at 180.2 which was .6 lbs. down only from yesterday. I was disappointed with that and know that usually, I get a different reading from my scale if I run around the house doing a few things and then come back and weigh. (And I'm talking about a time difference of only a few minutes) I did that, came back and weighed and was 180.6! Weighed 2 more times and came ...
  4. R2 p2 vlcd 12

    Down .4 lbs. this a.m. So, since I was up .4 lb. yesterday, that essentially means Goose Eggs for 2 days in a row. Well, I'm coming clean here, I'm an impatient dieter. That's probably true of a lot of us on hcg. I don't like to sit around when I'm going nowhere diet-wise. So... I'm trying something a little radical today. I will keep you posted as to how it goes.

    I saw a YT vlog about doing the Atkins Fat fast while on hcg. You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQssjS-wPKw ...
  5. R2 p2 vlcd 11

    Well, up .4 lb. this a.m. It's really not going as well as I'd hoped. Since I couldn't weigh the morning after my second loading day I am guesstimating a 2 lb. gain on that day, making my loading additional weight 6 lbs. That would have started me off at 189.8 lbs. After 10 VLCD days I find myself at 181.2 lbs. That's only a loss of 8.6 lbs. Only 2.6 lbs. lower than when I started loading. Not loving those statistics. My first week should have been better than that. Yesterday was problematic because ...
  6. R2 p2 vlcd 10

    Yesterday I was up .8 lbs. and this morning I'm down 1.2. Wacky, but I'm closing in on breaking past 180. I just love leaving those round numbers behind. I just realized I haven't been posting what I'm eating like I did last round. I know that can be helpful to others, so here goes yesterday's meals:

    apple, tea no cream

    1 piece chocolate delite

    Jay Robb Egg White Protein Chocolate Shake with my strawberry alottment, ...
    Tags: hcg menu
  7. Vlcd 9

    Hi Everyone! Whew! I don't know how to keep up! I am now vlogging on YouTube about hcg and between that, keeping up with people there, blogging here and keeping up with folks here, TRYING to keep up my Painting A Day blog and my work, there just aren't enough hours in the day!

    Anyway, just a quick update about this round so far:
    Don't know my weight from after second loading day because I was not able to weigh in the morning.
    VLCD 2 - 186.4 (LDW & -1.4 from weight ...
    Tags: anti-aging, hcg
  8. R2 p2 vlcd 3

    Down 1.2 this a.m.

    Started getting a small headche yesterday after noon and by 5:30 I was ravenous. Held out, took my hcg and ate dinner of onion soup with veal and the hunger was no longer an issue. The headache, however, grew into a really bad one where I just curled up in a ball on the couch until 10:30 when I went to bed. Took about 4 aspirin during the evening and it started easing up.

    Thankfully I woke up feeling fine again this a.m. I think the transition is ...
  9. R2 p2 vlcd 2

    Hey All! Well, I'm at my exact LDW this a.m. That's -1.4 from my weight after the first load day. That means that after 1 VLCD day I am still 2.6 lbs. over my lowest weight which was the day before first load day.

    Couldn't weigh yesterday a.m. as I was on the road at 3 a.m., scale packed the night before. So I have no idea how much I managed to pack on during the second load day. A blessing?

    Anyway, I'm feeling great, so excited to be back on P2. Lots of people talk ...
  10. R2 P2 Loading Day 2

    Yep, I'm experiencing the "Holy Crap" factor right now. Up 4 lbs. from yesterday morning! One side of my brain is screaming and the other side is saying, you're loading correctly, don't worry. It'll come off in the first few days of VLCD.

    We all go through this on loading days and just have to listen to the side of our brains that is talking us down off the ledge.

    Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the moms out there!
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