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Dumb TOM and great skin!

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Okay so Tom has reared its ugly head bringing a gain with it.....I held off on my injections as suggested and I am sticking to the 500 calories without a problem. I am not sure how I am going to deal with the extra weight just yet, for now im going to ride it out and pray for the loss to come. On a great note...my skin is beautiful! One issue I had before starting this diet was that I would be unable to use my skin care products. I have combination skin and if not cared for I will get a couple of pimples, not many just 2 or 3 big ones especially right before TOM but to my surprise I have not had any skin issues at all, no huge period pimples for me and I didnt experiment with any of the permitted facial products since my skin is also sensitive I didnt want to break out. My skin is also glowing and it looks great with my new body lol this lets me know that the junk I was putting in my body was not only tearing me up on the inside but it also affects the way I look on the outside (besides the extra flab)...definitely MOTIVATED

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Updated December 9th, 2011 at 07:26 PM by HealthierHappierMe