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It has been a while!

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Wow it has been forever...i pray that everyone is doing well, staying on track and reaching goals.My 2 weeks in P3 hv been great, I hv been able to hv some things that I hv loved and missed on p2 without any problems at all, my weight has stayed under LIW & I seem to be hovering around the same weight daily give or take a few ounces....so it makes me happy. I was very nervous about gaining the weight back once I started adding different food but so far so good. EVERYONE notices the 14 lbs gone, I notice! I hv no feeling of eww when I look in the mirror now lol my stomach is smaller than it has ever been after children. My husband and son are getting a kick out of the new me, they grab me and pick me up like im some sort of ragedy ann doll..... Im lovin it! How are the rest of u doing?

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