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The start of P3

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Yesterday was my first day off of 500 cal, I searched and searched to see what other people ate on their first few days of p3 but just came up with more confusion lol. I could tell the hcg was out of my body because I was sooo hungry that morning which I have only experienced once when my dosing was off, so I knew it was no room for me to be afraid heck I was starving. I decided to start off with eggs as my first introduction, 2 fried, no new meat or cheese even though I wanted it I knew I needed to allow my body to take the food in slowly. Trying to figure out what to have for lunch was the hard part but I settled on having chilli which was deelish, Ground turkey, tomato sauce, paste, rotel and topped it with a Tspoon of sour cream oh how I missed this. No stomach irritation so thats good. I realized late afternoon I hadnt had nearly enough water so I knew for sure I was going to be up in weight, for dinner I had some more chilli and was stressed because I didnt know if I should have the same meal for lunch and dinner since this was a restriction in p2. Luckily I only woke up to a .2 gain yayyyy! This weekend I am going to put some recipes together so I stay the course! Good luck to all new p3'rs

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    I like hearing your experience as I am headed there tomorrow! Check out the P3 food **** thread on this site, also tons of Atkins, low carb and gluten free sites w wonderful recipes! I have been bookmarking and emailing to myself for printing! Funny that about 70% of them are desserts! Shows where my head is!
    I did Atkins successfully for years so I am going to rely on that program for some structure. From what I have read, the lack of structure in P3 gives some pause. Have a great day today... You're doing great!