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Journey to ONEderland . .

  1. Clothes shopping . . . .

    Every round I do the "Try it on and see" thing at the stores in the middle of a round to see what sizes now fit. I just get a couple sizes and see where I am . . . I try not to buy too much clothes as I size down and I do tend to buy the transistion sizes kinda close but not choking so I have a little room to go down comfortably before I have to shop for more clothes.

    Anyway, I stated out at Size 18-20 in pants . . . my tops are something else . . . I am now fitting ...
  2. Confidence feels Sexy!!

    Hi guys,

    I have not blogged in a while. . . . I am just happily busy these days, but I am keeping up with my favorite blogs. Unfortunately this round, I am not getting enough sleep and that has caused this round to crawl by like cold molasses. However, I am still in it and hanging on. My work schedule does not work well with the hcg protocol at all. . . I definately am not getting enough sleep. I am not going to complain too much about it though because I see that there is ...
  3. Vitamix Blender . . . I am so in love with you.

    I finally sucked it up and bought the blender of my dreams. I have wanted one for almost a decade but just could not get past the price . Hundreds $$$ for a Blender . . . are you kidding me?

    I still went the cheapest way . . . I got a reconditioned one . . . When it came . . It certainly looked like new to me . . . So I will not be broadcasting that it was reconditioned. . . . Saved me A hundred buck$ getting the reconditioned. . . . What mattered to me was that the Jar ...
  4. Update . .

    Hey Buddies,

    So it might have looked like I fell off the map for a while. I kinda did.

    Did Round 4.2 which was a bust. There are some things I learnt . .

    . . . Definately need sleep and regularity on this diet. - - - I work nights and some days and sleep is now a limited commodity.

    . . . Doing shots in the morning works best. I tried doing the shots at night and it did not work. My rationale for doing this . . . I work nights ...
  5. Round 4.2 - P2 - Day 8

    Mon 18 - Jun - 2012

    207.8 ~ Down 2.2 ~ Total Losses 7.2 ( pre-load)

    Week 1 of P2 is done and it flew by fast. For the last 2 days I was in Eggland/ No losses but then no gains either. I only gained 2 lbs after loading which is the smallest loading gain I have had considering that I chose to load for 3 days instead of 2 upon the advice of the book "Weighloss Apocalyse". It is probably a good thing that I do not have much ...

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    Loss of 1 lb or more - , P2
  6. Round 4.2 - P2 - Day 2

    Tue 12 - Jun - 2012

    213 ~ Down 4.0 ~ Total Losses 2.0 ( pre-load)

    "Lost 4 lbs this morning . . . Day One . . . Not bad.

    I had Dinner before I left for work last night then came home to that loss . . . So for now . . Worrying about not sleeping the night is not a problem. My bedroom is darkened so much that in the middle of the day with the lights off and the door closed it pretty much looks like midnight. Sorry ...
    Loss of 1 lb or more - , P2
  7. Loading. . .

    Hi Buddies, Thank you for having my back, holding me up, holding me down, encouraging me and checking up on me from time to time. I really do appreciate the love. I went through a horrible patch a while back but I survived it and I am now out on the other side where the skies are blue and the clouds are light and puffy. Not all sunshine and roses . . . let's just say that inside my head feels much lighter and better.

    My life has changed a lot since the last round. Hopefully ...
  8. Getting Ready . . .

    Hi there, This is just an update into what is new with me. TOM is in the house so as soon as this visit ends and the door closes . . . . I will be good to go. I will try to blog my progress and everything else that goes on . . . good or bad . . . (*crossing fingers* . . . *knocking on wood*)

    In the meantime . . . I have sorted out a few things and have gotten my head in the game and I am ready. I have gained back the last loss . . . (but at just 2 weeks of shots . . . who ...
  9. It's a STRUGGLE but I am hanging on. . .

    Blogging has been a way for me to journal the journey, keep myself on track, be accountable, get advice and maybe help someone else while talking about my journey. I dropped the ball while struggling to maintain stability in my whole life. P3 is always rough for me but it had been getting a lot better. Throw life into the mix and disaster feels like it is raining down on your head. Being stressed and depressed feels like you really are walking around with a cloud over your head and the cloud ...

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  10. Balancing Act

    My weight is the same this morning. There is a lot of flaxseed in everything I am having. I am making flax bread which is basically mug cake in a sandwich maker so it comes out crisp on all sides and I can slice it open and add butter, cream cheese or whatever else. I have been having a lot of protein and flax smoothies and just wondered if I overdid it a bit. I don't think I am ever going to fall in love with veggies even though I am trying . . . I will just keep doing it until it has become ...
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