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Balancing Act

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My weight is the same this morning. There is a lot of flaxseed in everything I am having. I am making flax bread which is basically mug cake in a sandwich maker so it comes out crisp on all sides and I can slice it open and add butter, cream cheese or whatever else. I have been having a lot of protein and flax smoothies and just wondered if I overdid it a bit. I don't think I am ever going to fall in love with veggies even though I am trying . . . I will just keep doing it until it has become my regular way of eating. I am going to look into maybe incorporating veggies in my smoothie . . . one of those green superfood powders or something, I will let you know.

I had contemplated doing another Steak Day today again but I feel as though I am pushing it and decided against it. I am closer to LIW range and I am learing to take it easy and not obsess over the numbers so much but keep the word balance as a mantra of sorts . . . it just makes better sense to me right now. Finding a Mental, Spiritual and Emotional balance which will sort out whatever battles I have with my health.

Finally finished reading Weight Loss Apocalypse and I find it to be a book about basic common sense surrounding living, things that should be obvious but things that we commonly fail to see . . . simple things like eat when you are hungry and differentiating physical hunger from emotional hunger . . I will probably read it again as I breezed through some of the chapters and lingered on the interesting ones.

The thing that I am realizing is that every diet can work . . . they really can but in order for them to work, we do have to work on ourselves internally for it t stick or the weight is going to come back for sure . . no doubts . . . no guessing . . . it is a sure thing. hcg just makes it easier to get the weight off but the real work is in maintaining the loss and to maintain, the work starts with our mental and emotional health. That is where I am heading . . . healing whatever it is that is going on emotionally and developing better coping methods and then by extension . .. I will eventually be able to be physically healthy.

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