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Great Moments, Wow, Nice, Love it

Moments when I am just bowled over by this journey and what happens along the way

  1. Clothes shopping . . . .

    Every round I do the "Try it on and see" thing at the stores in the middle of a round to see what sizes now fit. I just get a couple sizes and see where I am . . . I try not to buy too much clothes as I size down and I do tend to buy the transistion sizes kinda close but not choking so I have a little room to go down comfortably before I have to shop for more clothes.

    Anyway, I stated out at Size 18-20 in pants . . . my tops are something else . . . I am now fitting ...
  2. Confidence feels Sexy!!

    Hi guys,

    I have not blogged in a while. . . . I am just happily busy these days, but I am keeping up with my favorite blogs. Unfortunately this round, I am not getting enough sleep and that has caused this round to crawl by like cold molasses. However, I am still in it and hanging on. My work schedule does not work well with the hcg protocol at all. . . I definately am not getting enough sleep. I am not going to complain too much about it though because I see that there is ...
  3. Loading. . .

    Hi Buddies, Thank you for having my back, holding me up, holding me down, encouraging me and checking up on me from time to time. I really do appreciate the love. I went through a horrible patch a while back but I survived it and I am now out on the other side where the skies are blue and the clouds are light and puffy. Not all sunshine and roses . . . let's just say that inside my head feels much lighter and better.

    My life has changed a lot since the last round. Hopefully ...
  4. It's a STRUGGLE but I am hanging on. . .

    Blogging has been a way for me to journal the journey, keep myself on track, be accountable, get advice and maybe help someone else while talking about my journey. I dropped the ball while struggling to maintain stability in my whole life. P3 is always rough for me but it had been getting a lot better. Throw life into the mix and disaster feels like it is raining down on your head. Being stressed and depressed feels like you really are walking around with a cloud over your head and the cloud ...

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  5. R4 - P3 Day 2 . . . Best steak ever!!

    Fri 16 - Mar - 2012

    205.8 ~ Down 1.4 ~ = 0.4 Above LIW

    "Steak Day results: Before I even talk about the day . . . let me stand up and salute my steak dinner, it was so good it was one of those that makes you close your eyes and hummm good, was it the marinade or the butter? Whatever it was . . . It was mmmm mmmm goood!!

    Ok back to the day . . Down 1.4 lbs. Not the best number I have had on a steak day but ...
  6. Double-take . . . love it!!!

    I was talking with my mother last night . . . (she sees me every day) when I walked into the room .. I saw her do a double-take look at me so I looked at what I was wearing . . . nope . . she was looking at my face . . . She said "Oh My God . . . you are getting so skinny" . . . Skinny? I guess that just means that I am looking smaller. love it!!

    Those double-take moments make all of this . . . . so very worth it.

    A better double-take . . . ...

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  7. Round 4 - P2 - Day 10 . . . Mini Steak Day . . . What!!

    Fri 9 - Mar - 2012

    206.4 ~ Down 4.4 ~ Total Losses 10.4 ( pre-load)

    "Mini-Steak Day Results:

    Down 4.4 lbs!!! What!! Everytime I woke up during the night I would check the scale and the numbers kept moving down . . . down . . down . . . What!! I will happily take it and run with it.

    Upped my dose in the morning a bit and wow . . . I feel good. Not hungry . . Well I was having water and coffee ...

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