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Hi Buddies, Thank you for having my back, holding me up, holding me down, encouraging me and checking up on me from time to time. I really do appreciate the love. I went through a horrible patch a while back but I survived it and I am now out on the other side where the skies are blue and the clouds are light and puffy. Not all sunshine and roses . . . let's just say that inside my head feels much lighter and better.

My life has changed a lot since the last round. Hopefully my head is now on straight and my thought process will be clearer. With timing I am now on a new schedule . . . I am now a Night Owl . . . that just means that my day begins when most people are going to bed and ends when most people are only just yawning and getting up. So the timing of my shots (evening/ night) will be something completely new. This new schedule will also make the Leptin Reset not a good plan for me . . .

So the plan is . . . I will be taking the shots at night and sleeping during the day. I am just going to have to figure it out . . . . it can work. This is now the middle of the day and I am going to take my first shot . . . I already started eating all sorts of stuff but I do not think it should be such a horrible thing to take the shot after eating. Today is a good day for loading . . . so load I will. Off to mix up a batch.

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Does this mean you found a job??? Welcome back. I have really gotten disillusioned with this site. I am hoping your return will get me back in the grove. Good luck on P2.
  2. redefiningme's Avatar
    Glad to see you are back in the game. What round are you on? Sounds like you got a nursing job; I hope you are able to adjust to your new schedule well and that you are enjoying it.

    I just started round 3... and it is a rather a season of trials for me. The good news is that I am staying on course and focused upon getting to my goal of healthy living/weight and this feels great.

    Sleep well.
  3. redefiningme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Perseverance
    Does this mean you found a job??? Welcome back. I have really gotten disillusioned with this site. I am hoping your return will get me back in the grove. Good luck on P2.
    Perseverance, why are you disillusioned with the site?
  4. HealthierMel's Avatar
    @Perseverance . . .I did get a job . . . or 2 . . . When it rains . . . I am happy to be here and look forward to seeing more of you . . .

    @redefiningme . . . I am happy to be back in the game too, its about time I got out of my head and out of my own way and yes I can now call myself a Nurse . . . fresh out of the water but it is real now. I am calling this Round 4.2 since this is my 2nd go at it . . . . 2 weeks of P2 for the last round does does not count and plus . . . I gained back all of the weight I lost but I am in a good place and my body has not sized up just pound..ed up. Maybe it is all in my face.
    Updated June 8th, 2012 at 07:57 PM by HealthierMel
  5. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Mel, good to see you! So glad to hear you sound positive and doing well! Yeah! And Congratulations, too!

    I will be here supporting you in your goals. Hope you check in to let us know how it's going! Good luck!

    Hi P! Hi Re!
  6. Kahlan's Avatar
    I'm on Round 2.2 So I understand where you are coming from Mel. I'm sure you are going to do great this time around! Today was loading for me and I start VLCD tomorrow.
  7. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Thank you Julie, I do feel positive these days and I am hopeful that good feelings will continue to flow . . . I hope it pours over and some of it runs over to you.

    Good luck on your round Kahlan, how long are you planning to do for?.