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Mel and HCG

If you look good, you feel good . . . and if you feel good you look good.

A Healthy mind and body is the beginning of true happiness so that I where I am headed. I want to be in a place where I look and feel good and the end result is that I will be able to make a better contribution to life. Life is for living and not just existing from one day to the next. As a FAT person I have tried to accept the skin that I was in but it does not always work when all the great clothes do not look as great on you or how you want them to look and it does not help when you feel like you are the biggest one in the room. I am on a journey to go back to seeing the best of life and the best in people and always be hopeful that the best is in there and we just have to allow it to come out or work to get it there.

So far, HCG is the only thing that has worked for me losing weight. I am on a diet but do not feel as though I want to pull my hair out or do some bodily harm to someone from the hunger and crabbiness that comes along with it. I have chosen to take the injections because I have horrible memory and with the injections, I do it once in the morning and I do not have to remember it the rest of the day. Once I got over the idea of giving myself the shot and actually did it, i realized that it does not hurt as much as I thought it would (sometimes I don't even feel it and have to take a closer look to make sure the needle is in).

Blogging is a great way to remember what happened on the journey, I can go back and see where I started, what days were good, what I ate and how it affected the next day's weight. it is a good tracking tool and also a Great way to vent and get emotions out there. So on one hand it is a personal aid and I am my own trainer, cheerleader and friend, on the other hand, you get to help someone else on their own journey. They get to see your story, how you progressed, the success and the set-backs and how you managed it. I have run out of hands . . . So I am just going to say that the best part of it is the tremendous support that this Forum has given me, I have made good friends on here that have supported me DAILY even if I do not hear anything for a week, I feel their presence (M, I am talking about you especially), knowing that you are not ALONE on your journey does something for your spirit, it makes you feel that there is someone in your corner to cheer and support you and that is one very AWESOME feeling.

This Forum is my very own "CHEEERS BAR" . . . where everybody knows your name . . and they're always glad you came . . .