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Leptin Reset Information

Leptin Reset

Here is the compilation of Information that I have found about the Leptin Reset Protocol and how to go about doing it. ( I will have to adjust this later with works cited list)


A Short recap of what the program is as I understand it:

For 6-8 weeks follow a strict paleo diet as follows:
Eat 50g of protein (little to no carbs) within 30 minutes of waking
Limit carbs to 50g a day

Eat 3 meals a day, no snacking especially past 7:30pm
Meal timing should be roughly 6:30am, noon and 6:30pm

Stop all aerobic exercise
Begin weight training when the answers to these questions are all yes:
Do you notice you sweat more and have less muscle fatigue when you do exercise now?
Have your carb cravings gone away?
Is your hunger under control now?
And are you waking up more refreshed? (from my Whole30 experience, I expect this to be end of week 2 or by mid-week 3


What should I do before I start the Leptin Reset?
Before you start, take a picture of yourself from all angles. Don’t be bashful or you’ll be sorry in 18-24 months. Next, weigh yourself naked. Let your significant other or a family member take this picture. Go to the store and buy a piece of clothing that does not fit you now, but will when you have met your goal. Remember, calories are important when you’re LR (leptin resistant) and mean nothing once you are LS (leptin sensitive). Macronutirents count when you’re LR and mean nothing when you’re LS.

How do I determine if I am leptin resistant?
Remember, you can be LR (leptin resistant) if you’re fat or skinny. If you’re overweight by more than 30lbs, it is a lock you have some degree of LR. If you’re underweight by 20 lbs, you are likely LR, too. If you had an eating disorder, you’re likely suffering from a serious leptin issue.
The easiest test is to look in the mirror. The mirror does not lie and it is really cheap. For those people who still can’t be sure after peeking in the mirror, you can order some blood tests. My favorite is the HS CRP (highly sensitive C-Reactive protein) and the reverse T3 tests (but there are others). They are accurate in over 90% of cases.

How do I restore leptin sensitivity?

If you’re overweight, eat a low carb version of the paleo or primal diet as outlined in The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf or Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. If you’re really obese, eat a ketogenic version of this diet. If you’re underweight, you need to eat a regular paleo or primal diet using leptin reset principles found in the Leptin Rx. (see The Leptin Reset Protocol)

How long does it take to restore leptin sensitivity?
This step depends upon how badly damaged your metabolism is. It also depends upon how willing you are to adapt your diet and your exercise routine. My standard answer is 6-8 weeks for most people.

How do I know when I am no longer leptin resistant?

Changes in appearance: Your hair and nails will improve in color and presentation. Your pedicurist will notice you have less dead skin on your feet. Your face will look a lot better, with softer skin and better color, especially if you use olive oil or coconut oil on your skin.

Changes in mood, personality, and thoughts:

Changes in appetite:

Changes in energy and sleep:

Why should I avoid aerobic exercise during the reset?
This will require some explanation. If you’re LR ,you are a sugar burner, not a fat burner. That means you can not do glycolytic exercise until your muscles and lever become completely LS as well. Your brain being LS is not enough. If your muscles are still LR, they can’t properly use the glucose or the fat delivered to them. This is detailed in the “Why is Oprah still Fat” post.

Why do you need to eat within 30 minutes of waking?
When you’re LR, your diurnal clocks in the brain, the liver, and muscles are all disordered. This is how we will reset those organs to once again act in unison, like an orchestra. If you break this rule, you can still find success, but it will make your reset take longer.

What exercise can I do during the LR Protocol?
My personal advice it to do none. If you must, swim, walk, or have a lot of sex right before bed.

Does everybody need 50 grams of protein at breakfast during the LR Protocol, regardless of size or sex?
My answer is yes, 50 grams is the minimum for success. If you’re bigger, you can go even past 70 grams.

If you are obese, add coconut oil to your coffee or tea, or eat a tablespoon of it.

If you are overweight, avoid fruit. Veggies are fine as long as they are not nightshades and have a low glycemic index.

Fat is great. The obese can use coconut oil as their “number one diesel.” Google “Nutiva Coconut Manna”

How strict is the 50 grams of carbohydrates per day limit?

It is strict for the overweight and not strict for the underweight. How should they be spread out over the day? The most carbs should be eaten when cortisol is the highest, in the morning.
Dinner should be the meal with the least amount of carbs.
Eat the most food in the morning, with decreasing amounts as the day goes on.

Can I use whey as a protein source during the LR Protocol? Can you? Sure, but you should have asked, “Should I?” The answer is no.

Can I have coffee or tea between meals, with cream?
You can have them plain, without cream. But again, should you? Nope.

Can I skip lunch during the LR Protocol if I’m not hungry?
Yes, it is good if you can make it until dinner without being hungry. Then, you can eat more at dinner if need be.

Can you do IF (Intermittent Fasting) in conjunction with the LR Protocol? No way.
I love IFing, but don’t try it until you are leptin sensitive again. IFing requires the AMPk pathways to be working optimally.

What if we can’t eat dinner before 7 p.m.?
Drink water, have sex, and go to bed early. Turn the lights off early, too.

If I fall off the wagon on the LR Protocol do I need to restart the clock?
Yes…and kick yourself in the ***. If you’re not ready to change your life, keep doing what you’ve been doing. During the initial reset period, there is a 10-14 day setback each time you fall off the wagon.

Will the Leptin Reset fix insulin resistance?
It is designed to eradicate it completely, if you do it correctly.

Supplements Recommended

1. Pinolenic Acid: .

2. Pycnogenol: inhibits key triggers of inflammation..

3. Green Tea extract:

4. Kelp:

5. CLA:

6. Curcumin:

7. Resveratrol:

8. Pregnenolone:

9. Vitamin E:

10. Chromium picolinate: