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Journey to ONEderland . .

R2 P3/Leptin - Day 52

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Fri 9-Dec-11

218.4 ~ - 1.2 ~ - 1.2 below LIW


"Lost 1.2 lbs this morning. I am still doing eggs, still not over it yet. I am also taking Life Extension Green Tea Extract and Magnesium in the morning and at night. So that is my whole routine . . . Every day for the last week. Tom came and gave me a 2 lb gain. TOM left and the gain went and I have been steadily losing since then.

I am just analyzing what could be the reason for this speed up of losing. Does it mean that I am Leptin Sensitive now and I am healed. I think I am going to answer those Leptin Questions and see if that is it. Whatever is the reason for it . . . . . THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!"

Yesterday’s Meals

Breakfast BAB: Egg muffins, boiled eggs, cocoa crack, tea, water

Lunch: Boiled eggs (2), cocoa crack

Dinner: Boiled eggs (6), cocoa crack, tea, water

Teas: Oolong, green, cranberry

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Congratulations! Can't wait to see how the test results come out. You have worked so hard this is exciting! Way to go girlfriend!
  2. Perseverance's Avatar
    Where is that Leptin test? I know I've seen it now I can't find it. Like your dancing baby. That is how I feel inside this am!
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    The Leptin Test is a series of questions you ask yourself to see if you are becoming Leptin Sensitive, then there are the labs that you do to see if they are improving in a positive way, the only one I did was the HS CRP which was crappy in the first place.

    These are the Leptin Questions

    Signs that you are becoming Leptin Sensitive (LS) again

    - Men will notice quick weight loss. definately not a dude but past few days weight loss has been notably good B.
    - Women will notice mood changes first (calmer/sleepy) Yes . . ish, still have my mood swings.
    - and their sleep will improve. Yes, waking less often throughout the night, sleep all the way through most of the time
    - Their clothes will fit differently but weight may not change drastically initially because of effects on the pituitary. This will change too if they continue moving forward. well, my clothes feel different, now the weight is coming off again *knocking on wood*

    C. You will notice a change in your sweating pattern. Not sure about the sweating, just feel really hot on and off throughout the day, even in the air conditioned room

    D. You will notice you have better recovery from exercise and your energy levels seem to have risen.

    E. Your hunger is gone and so are your cravings. Yes . . except for the eggs right now

    F. When you awaken you will feel very refreshed like you slept well. Yes
  4. Perseverance's Avatar
    So will you have to do this every P3/P4? Wouldn't it be easier to just do it after you reach goal?
  5. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Princess Trial and Error here. I am just trying to find my groove . . . figure out what works for me for future long-term maintainance of my weight loss. After the last debacle of a P3 that I had . . . I refused to squander all the determination I put into the hcg protocol to lose it all in another P3.

    Leptin Reset is supposed to help fix all that is scattered inside my brain and body that is helping to keep me fat . . . the reason why I eat the way I do, the reason why I don't normally crave ice cream until 11 pm at nights when I had all day to eat it. My aim is to regain control and keep my weight healthy and stable. The line is kinda squiggly when I look at my weight graph since this P2 but it is pretty close to a straight line that represents stable . . . goal accomplished. Now if I can rework my brain to send the proper signals where they are supposed to go, recognize what to burn and what to keep . . . then I am pretty close to Nirvanna!!

    I plan to do it every P3 and P4 because it works for me and then after goal my goal weight. For this round, my mood was stable (I am naturally moody so . . . I was my regular self, if not a bit more positive in my thoughts, I was fearing that I would have a meltdown like the last time for no reason but it never came). I am sleeping better (dreaming . . . well the dreams are the dreams but they are, wierd, but so very vivid and real). My skin is getting to look better . . the only drawback I have is my teeth, they are not chipping anymore (I will be taking calcium next round) . . . I still do oil pulling but not as much as I should.

    Wow, seems like I have a lot to say. Wow!!