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Journey to ONEderland . .

R2 P3/Leptin - Day 53

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Sat 10-Dec-11

219.6 ~ 1.2 ~ - 219.6 of LIW


Ha!! Back up to LIW . . . Guess the honeymoon might be over. I want to tell the scale that it is a liar and get back on, I dunno, I gues I was expecting another bit of loss this morning like every other morning for the last couple of days, It was great while it lasted tho, felt nice being under LIW even if it was for a day. Bummer!!

Yesterday’s Meals

Breakfast BAB: Muffins (Egg, Tuna, Spinach), Boiled eggs, tea, water

Lunch: Muffins, water

Dinner: Muffins, tea, water

Teas: Oolong, green, cranberry

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  1. damselflydiva's Avatar
    Yes, being under LIW is lovely! Even if short lived! I have always hoped to stabilize under, but each round, even though I went under for a few days, I stabilize a bit above...this time .8 pounds above. As long as I stay there, I am good. :-) But loved the day I was 2 pounds under! :-) Good luck!
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Itt was awesome seeing that I was 1.2 lbs UNDER LIW wow . . . dream over today tho. Thank you for the luck and same to you.