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Journey to ONEderland . .

R2 P3/Leptin - Day 55

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Mon 12-Dec-11

219.2 ~ - 1.6 ~ - 0.4 of LIW


Down again by 1.6 lbs and under LIW to boot. It is what it is . . . I will take it and enjoy being under LIW. Loading Wednesday morning, that is if my bacteriostatic water gets her. Ordered it Friday so I hope that it comes tomorrow or I will have to go hunting, I have all my supplies except the water to mix the hcg. I am feeling a little anxious to see what is going to happen. I have been planning loading, cheesecake factory . . . I wonder what my sugar readings will look like after over 3 months without anything resembling or related to sugar in my diet. . . will be interesting.

Yesterday’s Meals

Breakfast BAB: Eggs, Tuna, cocoa crack

Lunch: Meatballs, cocoa crack, tea

Dinner: Meatballs, tea, cocoa crack

Teas: Oolong, green, cranberry

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    You will be going on P2 and I will be going on P3 in about a week. I keep seeing that cocoa crack on your menu. Can't wait. Well actually I could.