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Journey to ONEderland . .

R2 P3/Leptin - Day 56

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Tue 13-Dec-11

219.6 ~ 0.4 ~ 0.0 of LIW


Exactly at LIW today. That is good. Tomorrow is Loading Day . . . I am excited to load up on all the food that I will not be able to have in the coming months. However, I don't think I might be able to really load the way I have planned it in my mind because I think I get full a lot faster on a lot less but we will see. I will try to sugar and carbs low and the fat at maximum . . but we will see how the day plays out. I was tempted to start loading today but I will wait my allotted time so there will be no regrets about anything later.

Yesterday’s Meals

Breakfast BAB: Eggs, meatballs, cocoa crack

Lunch: nothing

Dinner: Eggs, meatballs, cocoa crack, tea

Teas: Oolong, green, cranberry

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Happy loading!!! Enjoy!
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Thank you.