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Journey to ONEderland . .

R3 - P3 Day 32

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Fri 17 - Feb - 2012

220.2 ~ Up 3.6 ~ = 8.8 Above LIW


"I don't even really want to blog today . . . It is horrible. I was caught up with nerves last night . . I could not sit still and for the first time since hcg . . I went back to eating ice cream at midnight . . . Gave me a gain of over 3 pounds . . . The fact that TOM should be here tomorrow I am sure is not helping matters.

I am not worrying about the numbers just a bit disappointed that I do not have a handle on this thing yet, It is so hard to maintain . . . It takes nothing to gain back a ton of weight overnight so you have to always to be watching what you put in your mouth . . . controling carbs, holding on to your emotions and then . . . when TOM gets thrown in the mix . . . forget about it . . .

This is just another day in the struggle. I really do not want to blog the embarassment, but this is my reality and I have to face it and live it . . . I have to power to make corrections and then . . . my cycling days are coming up . . . I think that this is going to make my life easier . . . Not easy . . just easier . . . "

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Eggs, meatballs

Lunch: Steak and Cabbage

Dinner: Eggs , Midnight Ice cream and cookies

Beverages: Green, oolong, ginger, peppermint, Chinese Dieter's tea

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    You also had cabbage yesterday and TOM can make you hold water weight. I think it will balance out after TOM. I am glad you still blogged. think of all the people you are helping that are afraid to say something. I had a hell of a time with PMS and with menapause. I applaud you for taking this on while still in that time of your life. It has to make things harder. We all want a quick fix but I think we are getting way much more out of it taking our time, facing our demons and learning to be gentle with ourselves. Hang in there girlfriend. You can't get a rainbow without a little rain!
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    This is a momentary blip...tomorrow is a new day that will provide a fresh perspective especially if this is hormonal(hehe). A lot of people think HCG is the easy road.I disagree. I think it takes the heart of a lioness to commit to learning all there is to learn about our bodies.the medical community is of NO help except for pioneers like dr s, dr stillman and dr Atkins! Most of it is water wt I'm sure!
  3. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Dont forget how much sodium is in those cookies, thats prob. the worst part bc it makes you retain water. Especially when you have such a low sodium intake right now! I cheated today, beeen beating myself up all day about it, then I blogged.... came back later and read what I wrote and I think... it could have been worse. I fell a little, so did you. The cookies and icecream could have been SOOO MUCH MORE!!!! You can still pick yourself back up and take a deep breath and dont let it get in the way of your goals. Remember you are more than that! Its tough to face the reality of these words staring back at you in print, forever, in black and white. But the people that are behind the responses are there for you, are real people, who offer real help. and hope. I wish we could all get past our food issues. I think this is the hardest thing Ihave ever done. But every day we get up, we try we persevere. Even when we fall, we get back up ((((((hugs)))))) heres to a new day and a new start. Lionesses unite!