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Journey to ONEderland . .

R4 - P3 Day 3

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Sat 17 - Mar - 2012

207.4 ~ Up 1.6 ~ = 2.0 Above LIW

Bounced back up. I am taking today easy and not going to stress over it. Maybe it is a TOM thing so I will just not go crazy over the numbers. . . .well maybe a little crazy. I already had breakfast so the rest of the day will have to be coffeed up and that will be that. I really do not like P3 but I have to find a way to conquer it.

Made an observation yesterday . . I really did not enjoy the cocoa crack as much as I thought I would . . must have been a bad batch."

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Mug cake and butter, spinach, coffee

Lunch: Apple, mushroom omlette, cocoa crack

Dinner: Cocoa crack, pork rinds, apple

Beverages: Coffee, water

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Tags: phase 3
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  1. catm333's Avatar
    I am curious on what is a mug cake?
    I am currently beginning my 2nd round of HCG...it has been a year since I stablized but this last winter has been difficult, so I found this site and your blog...and your menu caught my attention.
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Mug cake is exactly that . .. a cake made in a mug. It is not great but it is an ok excuse for bread in P3 and TMI but it helps you go a bit since it is mostly flax meal.

    The basic recipe is flax meal, baking powder, 1 egg, cocoa powder (optional, I never use it), butter, vanilla, and cinnamon . . mix it all together in a mug and microwave for 3 minutes and viola . . . mug cake.
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Stabilized a year ago? ok . . How many rounds did you do? and how has it been for you . . . bad winter and all.
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hi Mel...sorry that happened...maybe a little suggestion....more pure foods,like protein....less snacky foods...like crack, mug cake & pork rinds. I wld have gained much more with that menu but I would bet if you eat clean today, it will come right back off!