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Journey to ONEderland . .

Round 3 - P2 - Day 12

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Sun ~ 25-Dec-11

216 ~ - ( 1.2 ) ~ - 5.8 lbs since R3



Down 1.2 this morning. I guess cocoa crack does not affect me that much so I am happy about that and will gladly add it to my menu daily.

I also adjusted my hcg dose back down to 125 iu and I believe that made a difference to the constant craving and caving in to the nuts. I mean I did not even want them until I knew that they were in the house and then I just had to have them.

Yesterday I was able to keep the hounds at bay and stayed away from handfuls of nuts, passed them and did not touch it . . . That weird feeling I had is gone, I don't know if I would call it hunger, just that I discovered the nuts and could not stay away from them."

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Steak, cucumber noodles, tea, water

Lunch: Apple, cocoa crack

Dinner: Steak, Lettuce, tea, water

Teas: Green Tea Extract, Green, ginger

VSupplements: Green Tea Extract, Magnesium Malate

New Addition: Cocoa Crack

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Updated December 25th, 2011 at 11:56 AM by HealthierMel

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