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Journey to ONEderland . .

Round 4 - P2 - Day 11

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Sat 10 - Mar - 2012

206 ~ Down 0.4 ~ Total Losses 10.8 ( pre-load)

"So it was not a dream then. I did drop that weight. I have a funny feeling at my throat . . . Like an occasional tightness . . Has me thinking thyroid . . . Might have no relation but because everything seems to be mixed up with the thyroid then that is where my first thought went. I am going to see if the feeling stays or goes . . I am just making a note of it so that I can track when I had the feeling first and tell how long it lasted.

Still drinking a lot of coffee not as much as the day before but it was a whole pot and a half. I am loving the taste of coffee with stevia . . . I plan to enjoy it while it lasts . . . I have a wierd palate that likes what it likes when it likes and then for no reason . . . It does not want it anymore for a sometimes long time . It took me years to get into peanut butter again."

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Water - 1 liter after shots then another liter by 10 am, coffee

Lunch: Steak, cucumber, apple, coffee

Dinner: Steak, Apple, iced tea slushies

Teas: Coffee, water, tea

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Updated March 10th, 2012 at 07:32 AM by HealthierMel

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Mel, HCG seems to have an effect on the thyroid. Mine is shot and I have been taking the same meds for years. But I made the mistake of going to mynendo while on HCG and my tests results changed and he lowered my meds...damn!

    Are you feeling ok otherwise? Usually an underactive thyroid will make you tired. Overactive will have you a little hyper. Look in the mirror to see if they are swollen. Allergies?
  2. Perseverance's Avatar
    with my hypothyroid I was often depressed. Now that I am on meds I am not. Congrads on your loses. The big day is right around the corner!