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Journey to ONEderland . .

Round 4 - P2 - Day 6 . . . On my way

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Mon 5 - Mar - 2012

212.4 ~ Down 1.2 ~Down Net 4.4 Since R4

" Finally got past last LIW for last round. I hope to never be this close to the 213-215 range anymore. This is me passing you to never return again. Those numbers got in my head and wrecked me the last P3. I am working on not letting numbers get to me or better yet . . Learn to get the best of them instead of the other way around . . . I have to conquer P3 and Maintenance and get in the attitude of Maintaining for the rest of my life or I will be right back where I started.

I discovered that I do not mind celery or radishes when I make them into a broth with the protein (well my P2 excuse for what passes as soup).. . I had about a pound of radishes yesterday for lunch and they were satisfying since I had them like little whole potatoes. Thought I was maybe pusing it with that quantity but it seems to be ok since I went to the bathroom almost within 10 minutes.

No apples/ fruit either so I just pumped up the veggies. When my losses slow to under a pound I will be adding cocoa crack because it is either going to stall me or pump the losses up . . . better to see how it goes after the slow down . . . Besides why start cocoa crack when I know I wont be able to stop making them once I start?"

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Water right after shot, Coffee, coffee slushie

Lunch: Beef cooked in broth (seasoned water), radishes, Water, coffee

Dinner: Beef cooked in broth (seasoned water), celery, tea, tea slushies

Teas: Coffee, water, tea, tea slushies

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Way to go...on your way!