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Journey to ONEderland . .

Round 4 - P2 - Day 7

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Tue 6 - Mar - 2012

211 ~ Down 1.4 ~ Total Losses 5.8 ( pre-load)

"I am liking these Soup-ish . . . Yeah soup-ish because it is kind of like soup . . But not really. While not exactly the best of soups . . It is filling and satisfying. I mixed in onions and waited to see the results of that . . . So maybe I can add other stuff too.

I am still staying away from the apples. I miss them tho, but I seem to do better without them . . . I can bump up the veggies to compensate . . . Cannot believe I just axed apples for veggies . . . Medic!!!"

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: Beef/ radish Soup-ish (beef cooked in broth with seasonings and Vegetable added)

Dinner: Beef/ radish Soup-ish (beef cooked in broth with seasonings and Vegetable added)

Teas: Beef/ radish Soup-ish (beef cooked in broth with seasonings and Vegetable added)

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Tags: phase 2
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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Great loss for day 7. You are doing great. I do the same with chicken. I make a chicken broth and have it in the freezer. I put my veggie in it and some chicken and yummie! Keep up the good work.
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    How are you doing? You've been crossing my mind all morning . . .

    Thank you. Great idea on the chicken broth. I was in Sam's Club today and I saw where they had canned chicken (seems protocol approved). I do not like having chicken on P2 because beef does better for me but it is a great (and lazy) option . . add a little fage and have some kind of chicken salad thing going . . . . I did not get it but I am thinking about it.
  3. New Me Soon's Avatar
    Here are 3 you may want to try:

    1) organic chicken broth, garlic, dill, sage and onion...simmer, add lean chicken (cubed), chopped cabbage, salt and pepper. As long as you stick to 1 serving of all you can add as much water as you like and end up eating like 2-3 cups which is really filling...just add the water before simmering so all the flavor goes through and not after or it's just watered down.

    2) Pam a pan, add ground chicken breast, garlic and some onion or onion powder...brown. Add some organic chicken broth, chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper and chili pepper..now you have white chicken chili

    3) Pam a pan, add cubed steak (I use filet), Braggs Amino, garlic, and onion or onion powder. Add tomoatoes and have in a steamed cabbage leaf like a taco.

    These are some of my favs!
  4. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Thank you for the ideas. Cannot remember ever cooking with dill . . . I should try it sometime.