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Journey to ONEderland . .

Round 4 - P2 - Day 8

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Wed 7 - Mar - 2012

210.4 ~ Down 0.6 ~ Total Losses 6.4 ( pre-load)

"Ok a couple of things could explain why my losses are lower. . . first I overdid the fage . . . so maybe that is the reason for the lower loss. . . Still a good number tho in my book. In addition to the fage, I did not drink as much water, I did not do the water right after the shot in the morning and did not do much for the rest of the day. . . there was also cocoa crack and coconut milk. Today is just steady as she goes for me since I am back to the original decision of cycling hcg rounds until I get to my goal weight or my body tells me to take a much longer break for a while.

In Sam's Club, I also saw canned chicken and thought it might be a good idea to get some but put it in the back of my mind for an option later if I need a change. Mixed with a little fage it would probably turn into a great chicken salad.

Tried my first attempt at making yogurt. It was not the greatest as I expected but it worked so I will definately be tweaking it till I get it just right.

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Tea

Lunch: fage, fage and Swiss Miss diet chocolate . . . OMG!! Fage with coconut milk (Thai . . The good kind) That was over 20 ounces of fage at least . . .

Dinner: Beef/ Brocolli Soup-ish . . . . Cocoa crack

Teas: Coffee, water, tea

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Updated March 7th, 2012 at 09:05 AM by HealthierMel



  1. New Me Soon's Avatar
    I didn't think we were allowed any dairy...even low fat dairy on P2 or chocolate no mater how dark. I had thought the idea of P2 was to pretty much get all sugars out of your system or any taste of sweetness so you wouldn't crave the later..which I have to say has worked for me. I don't see that you had any fruit...are there different protocols...mine is fruit and coffee for breakfast, lean protein and veg for lunch and dinner and fruit after dinner...that's it...watch the salt, lots of lemon yadda yadda.

    End R1 200
    End of R2 Load - 204
    VLCD 1 - 202 (-2)
    VLCS 2 - 200 (-4)
    On my way to 190!!!
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Dairy: fage (fat free greek yogurt) and cocoa crack are all rogue. I use it mainly to keep my sanity and to soothe the cravings I might get. I usually do not have a very big problem with them.

    Fruit: I axed my fruit because I am seeing that my losses are better without them . . . I just add more veggies or protein to get the calorie number going. The protocol on a whole is the same . . different people create a version of it that suits them.

    Other things I have changed is that I completely avoid the melba toast and grissini as they are gateways into cheats for me and I have better losses without them.

    I think you find what works for you personally and you stick with that.
  3. New Me Soon's Avatar
    Uh I get it. I do a different version myself...I am at about 700 calories. I do fruit in th am and pm and 6 ounces protein and veggies for lunch and dinner. I also mix veggies...it's just the way I cook. My cheat is Nio in water...once a day I squirt that sucralose in! I hate Truvia...oh and I have Splenda in my coffee...some things I refuse to give up. I also so not do the melba toast or grissini but have found that I can do a handful or goldfish if I am craving...
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    Mel...you know i love you...and God knows i love my fage too...but you are in wk1 of p2, right? I love that wk bc we get the best losses in that week. Maybe keep the fage and the crack in the back of the frig for a later wk? Just a thought.

    I have to giggle at you making your own yogurt! I dont know if i would ever go that far ...but you never know. I will definitely keep an eye on your efforts.
  5. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Julie . . . *sigh* I know . . . you are not saying anything that the voice in the back of my head is not saying to me.. . . I really appreciate the honesty. . . I definately need to check myself because the direction I am headed does not seem good (new molds arrived for cocoa crack today) especially now that I am definately cycling my rounds till I get to goal. I have to make the most of my time on the shots.

    The first batch of yogurt is probably going to get chucked because I made some mistakes in there. . . . is it awful ? No . . just off . . . you can taste that something went wrong . . kinda burnish? After straining it . . . it was so creamy and thick tho so I am happy with my first attempt. A couple more and I should be right in the zone . . . P3 is going to be good.

    While on youtube I saw that you could make your own mozzarela cheese . . . . maybe I will try that . . . it does not take very long to accomplish and P3 is coming up in a bit . . . Cheese and fage . . .
  6. Newjulie's Avatar
    Ooooo mozzarella.... My favorite food in the whole world.... I didnt do well with it when i had it in p3 but i never ate it in small amounts...i dont seem capable. *

    Anyway, i think you are right...if you are cycling for short durations, you will need to maximize your time ON *by being as close to protocol as you can. *

    One of the members i know was telling me that in a round where she ate a lot of things rogue...she lost less wt...lost it in different places, like in her breasts, and never stabilized. *She gained what she did lose that round, right back, and wasted a whole round. *She did repeat it on plan and is at goal now. *So there must be lots more science behind this than we know.