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Journey to ONEderland . .

Round 4 - P2 - Day 9

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Thu 8 - Mar - 2012

210.8 ~ Up 0.4 ~ Total Losses 6.0 ( pre-load) 11.6 with loading

"I received the mold I ordered for cocoa crack, they are pretty but I paid the price for having it. First time gaining this round so I know that is the reason. It is funny because in past rounds I really did not have any problems with it. I can wait until the round is over to have them. Bright side . . . I love the new molds and how the chocolate comes out.

Made greek yogurt and it looks like greek yogurt, the color is off a bit from maybe the initial burning of the milk but a good trial for my next batch. No . . I will not be having yogurt in this round . . . too short. I take my last shot on Sunday morning and then break and then back. I actually was planning to do three weeks or just finish this vial but events in my life are causing me to break (might also explain the need for crack and fage . . . emotions and all that . . . except this might be great news on the horizon), so I am back to the cycling idea, even more so now seeing that I kind of sabotaged myself.

I plan to cycle around TOM, - - - - stop when present . . . Go after it leaves. By Sunday I will have 2 weeks of shots in so it is ok to stop then."

Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: Water - after shots, tasting home made yogurt

Lunch: Beef/Radish Soup-ish, cocoa crack

Dinner: Beef/ celery Soup-ish, cocoa crack

Teas: Coffee, water

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    I thought you were supposed to do 23 days before cycling. Am I wrong? Hope you are ok. If you need to talk I am here.
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Some people do 2 wks p2 then 1 wk p3 for cycling...is that your plan?

    I have read a lot of posts cautioning NOT to do less than 23 dose days or you wld have stabilization issues. Scared the heck out of me. Then others say 23 days is really a short round, not cycling. Then others say cycling is simply p2 & p3 wo p4.

    Hehehe...i think you can find an opinion to match whatever you wish to hear.

    Mel, what are you thinking? Im sure you've done your research. How are you feeling? Step away from the cocoa crack! Also be careful of the yogurt ...even if its home made. Hope to hear great results tomorrow.
    (hey, P )
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Ok . . . my research said that you need to have one full round completed before you even consider cycling, then how you choose to cycle is up to you. My original plan was to do a 3/3 cycle where I do 3 weeks of P2 followed by 3 weeks of P3 and then cycle back to P2 after. Events in my life are causing me to end this round early and since TOM is due soon, I will cycle back in after that passes.

    Julie, I think most people on hcg are customizing it to fit them as best they can . . . as long as it works and there is stabilization..

    I made several batches of cocoa crack yesterday when my mold arrived, it is this pretty heart shaped mold, the crack came out so beautiful . . . I popped countless amounts between batches . . . the good thing is that they are smaller than the ice cube trays so you pop less. I have put away the fage and the cocoa crack. I can wait.

    Today, I did a mini steak day so I am waiting to see if there is any movement on the scales in the morning. I need to have success before I stop in a couple of days.