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Journey to ONEderland . .

Weekend away from home - Scary!!

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I got invited to go out of town for the weekend with some friends, my first reaction was to cringe inside because I was just scared out of my mind, just as I am doing well, this is going to be crazy. It seems to me that I have never been to/ invited to so many parties and events before starting HCG. When I think of parties and other events, the first thing I see is the food tempting me and the gains following.

I am going to be "that girl" and I am not going to care about it. My response was, I am going to be eating a little strange (It just pisses me off when people keep offering me food, when it is obvious that it is the last thing I need, please when I refuse once, just accept it and move on, don't ask me why I am not eating, nothing is wrong with me, I am not starving . . . obviously).

The Plan

Prefillied Syringes

I don't want to travel with my whole vial of hcg so I am going to pre-fill about 3 or 4 syringes and travel with them, I just have to figure out how to transport them without them squeezing out accidentally, maybe I will freeze 2 water bottles and then put them in an insulated lunch bag with the syringes so the bottles will keep the syringes cool while traveling. hmmmm . . .


I have worked very hard this round to maintain my losses so I refuse to fail now that I have this little time left in P2 just because of a couple of days. It takes a long time to recover from slipping for even one day, or even just one meal. A good plan is half the battle won so here is my plan for this weeken's battle.

Tea: I have all my teas and stevia already in a ziploc bag that is always in my purse

Lunch/ Dinner: It is a party so I know there will be some kind of grilled chicken and salad . . . I will have that, I just have to
remember what happened the last time I ate out on P2 and the gains that followed a simple cheesy spinach thing.

Apples: Packing about 6 of them, cant go very wrong with apples, even if I skip the veggies (making sure that one is
always on me at all times.


Friday - already covered since we are leaving in the evening for the trip.

Saturday - my regular skip day for the week, so no problem

Sunday - maybe I could make this my skip day instead so I dont have to worry,
does it really matter how many days apart the skip days are?

Monday - Should be back home between 8 and 10 am so even if I miss the morning shot I can still get it in before too late


Not sure I am going to be able to travel with my scale, it is not portable enough for a weekend bag (will figure something out), even if there is a scale where I will be going, it is not the same as having my own scale (I think that not all scales are the same as mine or maybe I just have trust issues.)


Ok now that I have it all laid out, the only thing that really stands in my way is my willpower with food and resisting making bad choices. Ok I hope I am ready for this. I cannot keep avoiding socializing with my friends, I just have to learn to deal with it by making a good plan of action.

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Updated October 6th, 2011 at 10:35 AM by HealthierMel



  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    I went away for a long weekend in R1P2 and took food with me in a cooler for some of the trip. I ate out twice. Once I had steamed lobster on lettuce with lemon, The other day I only ate my fruit and green tea throughout the day and then had a 7oz steak and asparagus for dinner. I did fine. You can do this but like you said you have to plan. I am not certain if I would count on chicken and salad being at the party. What if it is teriyaki chicken? what if there is dressing on the salad? be prepared. One party I went to all I ate was an apple. People gave me **** but you know what ---- em. I am doing something good for myself.Also if you go to a restaurant drink lots of club soda with lime...that helps. Good luck. I know what you mean about the anxiety I have it every morning when I get up to weigh. yikes!
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    You are so right, the chicken might be a problem, but if so, I am planning on walking with apples in my purse so that will be my backup plan. It is a child's party but waaay from my home, so yeah . . . kids food is always junky. I guess apple and water it is. I know about the scale think too . . gives me the heebie jeebies every morning too, you never know what you are going to get.
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    I feel much better this morning. I had all day yesterday to be anxious and jittery about traveling with friends but I have to remember that in Round 1 I was almost at the end when I went out and ate way off protocol and the results were horrible. I hope to learn from my mistakes of the past so that I do nto repeat them. So with all that worry and anxiety behind me, I think I am ready . . . . road trip!!!!