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Heather D

10 days till P3 ... Photo update

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I am the worst blogger ever. I feel like my life would bore everyone to tears, so I will keep this short. I had a few rough days lately and cheating occurred, but I am now back on track. Now for the happy part. With 10 days to go I am down 20#s.

Here is my start to current photo update.


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  1. Brokenhearted's Avatar
    Nice pics - how much weight loss is the difference in the photos?
  2. Heather D's Avatar
    20 lbs
  3. Brandi Holladay Batchler's Avatar
    you look great! I'm on Day 4 (day 2 of VLCD) and I lost 1.6 lbs yesterday!
  4. Brokenhearted's Avatar
    Wow nice. I'm at about the same amount of loss. I wonder if my pictures will look as different once I take an after picture.
  5. Heather D's Avatar
    Thank you and good luck Brandi. Brokenhearted, I bet they will. Honestly I didnt realize the difference was so pronounced until I put the two pics side by side.