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Heather D

And now I'm a believer

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I use my wall calender to record my weight each day, and this morning I realized I have been on the diet a week today. That went by WWWAAAAAYYYYY faster than I thought it would. Especially since I've been picking up all kinds of shifts at work and any time spent at work seems to drag on forever.

The other big news of the day is that I had a 3# loss on the scale this morning, bringing me to a total of 9#s this week. I was shocked! I think I weighed myself 3 time over the course of 30 minutes before I realized my sleep fogged brain wasn't playing tricks on me and that I really was seeing the right numbers. So of course I then ran to my room to take some measurements and sure enough I was down there too. As a reward to myself I had a girls day out with my amazing and supportive mom. This has been the best day I've had I a while.

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