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hefalumps log - HHCG diet protocol blog

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Hi, as it's apparently pretty hard to get rx where I live I'm going to give the homeopathic "magic water" thing a go. I'll maintain a blog here most days to help me keep motivated. Pretty poor time to start this close to Christmas but i'll see how I go. I tried this earlier in the year but being nervous about the homeopathic idea and feeling really tired / sleepy after 4 days .. I stopped.

Any advice / ideas would be appreciated! :-)


The drops I have are called "HC-Slim" and are made by a company called "Rose Cook".

I'll be taking 8 drops 3x a day ~ 5:45 am, 4:00 pm, and 9:00 pm.

I won't eat / drink 15 minutes before or after the drops and will hold the drops under my tongue for a few minutes. Apparently bumping the bottle against your hand "activates" the drops, so I'll do this before each dose.

I'll take measurements each morning using a bioimpedance scale, and will measure waist once a week.


Today is day 1 of phase 1.

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