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resumed HCG today VLCD 1

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hi everyone, my weight was 174.2 this morning, I gained 4 pounds from LDW, I'm doing a 30 day round I'm hoping to lose 20 pounds. I'm gonna do my best to stick to protocol, only thing I'm changing is I'm gonna eat Fage yogurt instead of fruit and see if that works for me if not ill stop. Hope I can do this right this time. I need your support people thanks have a good day everyone.

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  1. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Today (along w/ a few others here) was my first VLCD as well. I too am eating Fage this round. yay. I have had excellent results w/ it in P3, so I'm sure I'll do fine with it in P2. Can't wait to see the decrease of numbers...

    btw I'm 170 and hope to lose 25# this round. My final round!
  2. Cassanina's Avatar
    Good luck! Routing for you!!