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Hellobikini Getting to her Bikini

Loading and Starting the VLCD in May 2011

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I plan to start loading Monday or Tuesday for R2.
I am getting very excited for the weight loss. I had a lot of hunger and mood swings and lethargy my first round so I am worried about that. I really hope this time it will be different. I have heard mixed things about R2 being easier or harder. I guess everyone is different. I will start adjusting my dose from the beginning if I am hungry, last time I had pre-loaded needles the first 13 days. however I never got the dose right it seemed. In my 30 days I think about 25 of them I was hungry.
Saying that I want to add it was worth it! I have maintained my loss for 6wks. I am thrilled about that, like other readers, I could gain 3lbs bcs of one meal. In the past, I pretty much gained every day that I was not on a diet. The last 3wks I ate what I wanted with no gain. I did keep myself in check by making sure I ate plenty of vegetables and fruit throughout the day. The 3 wks before that I was in P3 and loving that. P3 was a peice of cake for me after P2. I went pretty high fat by the end of P3 and no gains. P4 I added sugar slowly but now I eat dessert almost daily and again I am maintaing.
I am looking forward to cutting the fat, sugar and coffee out as I have control issues with them and the last few days feel my consumption bordering on overboard. I liked the discipline of P2 and I felt like I was mastering my body and especially my cravings. I was teaching myself I can do it. I can eat clean and stay the line.

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