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Major stall

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I am rouge but barely and had a 5 day stall! Ug
I mix veggies. I do veggies and fruit off Simeon's protocol but still on a protocol of a Dr. (with HCG clinic) who has an updated list. I use balsamic vinegar upon occassion. I eyeball meat. I throw in an egg here or there.
I need some sort of protocol and still have rules about most things because in the past when I cheat a lt. I cheat a little more, then next thing I know, I am not on a diet. With HCG and daily shots and all the rules and threats of screwing up your metabolism, and having to wait 3 days to get hcg out of your system, and the hard core Simeonites on this site with all their warnings I think it keeps me in check. I have had a few days of wanting to just get off the diet or cheat big time for one meal, but I think of the hcg in me, and it gets me through.

I have added kefir a few days. I figured if I get 1 tbsp of milk I could change it to kefir. The only thing is I never gave up that coffee like I said I would, and I am also having 1-2tbs of milk in addition. I was doing fine with this, with great losses in week one. Now I am on a 5 day stall. Not a complete stall. Vlcd-01-144.2, vlcd 11 and 12-144.8, vlcd 13 144.8, vlcd-14 144, vlcd 15 144. Yet no significant losses. The only thing I did different was shiritaki noodles in place of Melba in day 11 plus 12. (My first time)
I ate a Very small protion mixed with my chicken and veggies and used Bragg's amino acid. day 13-15 I didn't have any. i don't think that could be it because Day 13 and 14 I only ate one portion of fruit and one portion of melba all protocol except extra milk which I have been doing since day one, and I still didn't lose.

I am so frusterated. I am reading major rouge action on this site with better losses than me. today I haven't been rouge at all. I am strict protocol, not even mixing veggies, (which I think is fine). I am thinking it is probably due more to a previous set-point in weight than to the food. Not sure. I did have mushrooms the last 4 days, which is on the updated protocol I am following, so to me, they couldn' t be too bad, unless I have some sensitivity to them, perhaps. I guess I will skip them tonight and see. Then maybe add them in later and see.
I was so looking forward to them, and they are the super expensive kind, and I don't want them to go bad, while figuring out if it is them.

Well good luck to all you rougers, it is interesting to see what works and doesn't for some people.

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  1. Cassanina's Avatar
    One thing you have to understand is that every BODY is different! Just because someone can get something off protocol, doesn't mean that you can.

    I found out that I'm allergic to grapefruit, which is on protocol. But if you put me and someone else who can eat grapefruit and lose next to each other, you'd think we'd lose the same but we wouldn't.

    You just need to find out what works for you. Stalls happen, TO EVERYONE! Just gotta keep on keepin' on, and it'll break.