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Hellobikini Getting to her Bikini


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I am having a great day!
I am not hungry and that is a small miracle with my past.
I hope this keeps up. Hunger was the biggest battle for me in the past.
It is funny because I was soooooo worried about mixing.
I have always had a friend mix for me, who is a nurse and knows all the cc's and ml's etc. She also has
done hcg before. So she was my mixer for all the other rounds, and all my other friends.
Everyone who did it with me, shared the same hcg and no one was hungry but me.
So this time I followed directions from a youtube video and really worried about getting it right.
So far...great!
I love that it is almost 6pm. I still have my fruit left, and I have just the tiniest inkling of hunger.
I can't wait for tomorrows weigh in.

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  1. hellobikini's Avatar
    These are my old stats. I want to post them to remember the journey.

    R1 prelaod 169, vlcd-1 171, LIW-151.8
    R2-preload 153, vlcd-1 157, vlcd-31 138.2, p3-D21 137

    R-3 vlcd-1 148.8
    vlcd-13 137
    vlcd-30, LIW-136 lost 1lb the last 17 days!!!
    p3-L.R. D1 134, p3L.R.- D21 130 L.R.D-40 129

    4/29 Starting HCG R4
    R-4 preload 150lbs
    5/2/12 vlcd 1-oops kept loading
    5/3 VLCD-1 158
    5/9 VLCD-7 148
    5/19 VLCD-8 143