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  1. Motivational

  2. Letter to Future self(updated)

    Posted Feb 8, 2012
    Dear future HidiousTak,
    Sorry that I ate all this bad food and now you have to suffer for it. If you are struggling right now I want you to remember this time in your life and how horrible you felt about yourself. I want you to look in the mirror and remember that you were bigger and now you look so much better. Even though you still have a long way to go and you might feel saggy or something remember what it was like when you were me writing this letter. Remember ...
  3. Status

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    September 08: OMG I broke 186!!! I always get stuck at 186 on every diet!!! I am so super excited. I did miss my second fruit yesterday and Melba toast. I was just so exhausted that I didn't feel like cooking it. I ate the fruit this morning but the toast is just gross... I might just leave it out. I also accidentally ate 1 jelly bean but that obviously didn't hurt me much.

    September 07: I am going to use this to post my status ...

    Updated September 9th, 2011 at 02:26 PM by HidiousTak