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Last thoughts...New Beginning

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Last Thursday I had a physical done by a traveling nurse for a new life insurance policy. She said she had recently lost 80lbs in 2 rounds of hcg. I thought that she was crazy sticking her self with a needle everyday to lose weight. So I hoped online, went to the website she recommended trimnutrition.com and to read Pounds and Inches. I still thought the whole idea was a little crazy until I found this forum.
At this point I am willing to try anything, no matter how crazy it sounds. I am 28 and have been on thyroid for the last 16 years. I have done weight watchers, P90X, Atkins, shake diet, south beach...Nothing seems to work. I have a wonderful husband that is fit as can be - He is black belt in Karate, which he teaches 4 days a week. He also does Judo, P90X and in general is a very active person. I want to be able to wear my wedding ring again so the whole world knows I am married to this terrific man! I also have 2 children. Son-Connor, 5 and a Daughter-Azure, 3...They are absolutely terrific kids that I want to be able to do more physical things with.
I am often ashamed of the way I look and don't want to be! Tomorrow I start my first round of hcg. I am so excited to possibly have a chance to look great again, have more energy and be able to run around with my children and husband.

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  1. 2MUCHFUN@21's Avatar
    Oh I wish you the best of luck! It sounds like you are very decided to finally take control of the situation (Even if it does involve "sticking" yourself lol!). Same thought passed in my mind

    I don't have my own experience yet to say "YOU'LL LOVE IT", but from the looks of things on here..

    I think you probably will. Being able to wear jewelry again is enough motivation for me :P
  2. hnrheaume's Avatar
    Thank you! Best of luck to you also :-)
  3. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Sounds like your determined! Wish you many mornings of the scale going down!