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down down down

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I am down another pound! whoo hooo!

I think I am beginning to be ok with this diet. I am not craving the sugar like crazy anymore. I think I found out my problem with food and my weight. I have no self control. I have no idea of portion size. I think I can eat like I am 16 when in fact I am not. I have learned what my bad eating habits were and it has been refreshing to see my "relationship" with food. I would just eat because I was bored or socially eat. I feel like I have control. (minus the slice of pizza the other day!)

So yaa to me. But I am not going to lie I cannot wait to have pasta again! mmmmmm!

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  1. lildevil72's Avatar
    YAY! for you. It's definitely a process, learning new habits takes time. Great job!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    It's quite a self education, isn't it? Old habits die hard, so stay patient, and be as focused as possible, and u'll be on another phase of the protocol before u know it. P3 and p4 allow for much more diversification in diet routine. Love this protocol.